Highschool Era Design
I did  quite a lot of designing before I started with Full Sail. Here I've compiled some of the things I made during that period. This isn't all I did then, just what I wouldn't be ashamed of showing to the world.
This was the logo I made for the Mobile Area Coalition of Homeschooler's Robotics team, which I was a part of for a year.
Kamili was the name I chose for our team's "company" name. Unlike the team name, this is supposed to be changed once a year to go along with the theme of the competition.
Now, how did I come up with it, and what does it mean? Simple. I just ran adjectives describing our team's vision into Google Translate and went down the list of translations. Kamili is Swahili for perfect.
For our website, I used Wordpress for the CMS so I wouldn't have to worry too much about coding. I took an existing theme and fooled with the CSS until I got something I liked. I had no idea what I was doing with the CSS, I was just removing stuff and previewing over and over.
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